Dwight Plett


There is Hope  

A failed adoption and a still-birth.  Two painful true stories, close to home.  No easy, comfortable answers.  I often find myself at a loss for words, especially in the face of someone else’s agony.  I just know that we have a Saviour who understands pain, and someday He’ll help us to understand, or maybe when we see Him the pain and the questions will disappear. I dedicate this song to Brad and Sue, Heather and Marcel and those of you who have experienced unresolved pain.     


With reservation, you shared your happy news

A brand new life, her fate would not be yours to choose

You held your little girl,  just one sweet day

And then when evening fell they came and took your child away


Unselfish love, unspoken pain,

Where will you ever find the courage you need to hope again?


We heard the heartbeat, we shared your joy

We waited for the phone call, is it a girl or boy?

But then the phone call came, we shook our heads in disbelief

We wrapped our arms around you and we shared your grief


Untimely death, unwelcome pain,

Where will you find the strength you need to dream again?


But there is Hope, and there is Peace,

When cruel circumstance drives you to your knees


Unfinished work, unmingled grace,

Unexplained mysteries will be clear when we see Jesus’ face!


Unbroken promises, untarnished joy,

Unscathed by sin, unblemished life the grave could not destroy


Unselfish love, unspoken pain,

Untimely death, but we know one day we will live again


So there is hope...

Unending life, unmingled grace, untarnished joy, unceasing praise...