I was born on August 14, 1963, (Yes, I just turned forty this summer!) in Kenora, Ontario.  At the time, my dad was working in construction in Kenora, and my mom was there with him when I surprised them by arriving two weeks earlier than expected.  When I was three, we moved from our home in Landmark, Manitoba, to the farm close to Arden, Manitoba, where I grew up.  I was Mom and Dad’s second son.  My older brother’s name is Bradley.  I also have two younger sisters, Heather and Cynthia. 


I grew up on my mom and dad’s mixed farm, where I learned the value of work and the blessings of a close-knit family.  I graduated from Neepawa Area Collegiate Institute when I was almost eighteen.  I stayed home on the farm for a few months ‘til February of 1982 when I ventured forth to seek my fortune.  My first job was on a mixed beef/hog farm close to Kola, Manitoba, just a few miles from the Saskatchewan border.  I worked there until the summer of ‘83 when I left Manitoba to attend Bible school at Peace River Bible Institute in north-western Alberta.  I took two years toward my Bachelor of Biblical Studies.  Then I worked for a year in Edmonton, and in the fall of 1986 I returned to PRBI to finish my three-year degree.  I graduated in the spring of ‘87.


After I graduated from Bible School, I returned to Manitoba to work on a dairy farm close to Gross Isle.  I worked for almost four years on the dairy farm, during which time Lorna and I started our courtship.  We had met while I was on tour with a Bible school singing group in my second year.  We’d been friends for some time, and in the fall of 1990 our friendship took on a definitely romantic twist... We were married in July of 1991, and we’ve never looked back!  Lorna is the light of my life, and I love writing love songs for her. 


As newly-weds we moved into the farm-house that she had grown up in.  For two years we lived on the farm a few miles north of Riverton, Manitoba.  Lorna was teaching school at Mennville Christian School, while I worked at NRW manufacturing, building cattle handling equipment and steel hopper-bottom grain bins.  In September of 1993 we headed south to Texas to attend a Youth With A Mission discipleship training school at Last Days Ministries (founded by Keith Green).  After our three month “lecture phase”, we went on an outreach to Perm, Russia.  Our experience was a good one, and when we were asked to join the staff of the DTS, we prayerfully accepted.  We led an outreach to inner-city Philadelphia in the summer of 1994.  Then in January of ‘95 we led an outreach back to Perm.  When we came back from Russia, it was to the news that Last Days Ministries would no longer be operating a discipleship training school, so we headed back to Manitoba, to see what God would want us to do next...



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Dwight Plett